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Rage 2

Filed Under (Action, Arcade, Fight) by admin on 11-07-2009

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The second part of the series. Rage 2 is a slightly improved version, with a few new characters. You can play it in arcade mode, having the enemies coming and coming again, or in adventure mode where you have to advance to the next game through a series of levels.

Instructions: Use Arrow Keys to move, S to punch an kicks attacks, W to shoot with guns, and F to throw grenades. but take care, the amount of bullets and grenades is limited. Use A to roll, and while you are in the air you can press A to perform an aerial roll and to hit the enemies. D is to swing the melee weapon and Q/E to switch weapons.

When your rage is full you can perform a special attack using the R key. You can jump further if you press A to roll in the air.


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