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Super Mario 63

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This is one of the best Super Mario Game Clone. It has a long tutorial level in the beginning and the menu is a little bit complicated but the game is really nice.

Instructions: Use Arrow Keys to move and Z,X,C as action keys: Z to read signs and to talk to other personages, when you press Z in air Mario will stop and destroy the obstacles underneath; X to spin attack against Bob-Ombs, Jumbas, Fishes and other enemies; You can destroy some of the enemies by jumping on them. Use triple jump to jump higher(Press Up arrow to jump 3 times consecutive while moving; each time you’ll jump higher).

Once you get the water pump you can fly for limited times until you get out of water. You can dive into water to refill. You can also jump on birds and they will carry you.

Use -. + to zoom in or zoom out and Shift to Show/Hide the Water Pump.


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